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and that breaking news is in valley, vallejo. two children shot, both under the age of 12. two teenagers confronted the
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children in an alley way and started firing at 7:16. one was shot in the leg and the other in the back. wits helpewitnesses helped offk down the shooter. alan wang is headed to the scene and we will have more on abc 7 news at 11:00. i'm dan ashley. also find any breaking developments on the twitter feet @ abc 7 news bay area. to a violent day in san jose. a one-year-old baby and a woman are dead and now an all out you search for the killer. the woman and two small children were stabbed in their home in east san jose on viewmonth avenue. the santa clara county sheriff's department is looking for the man they say rubin rmac is a person of interest in the case he is known to frequent homeless shelters and has history of menial illness.
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authorities wrapped up a house to house search to make sure that the area is safe. this happened at 3:30 this afternoon when another are family member went to the house peoplend the three steam stabbed. a three-year-old girl was taken to the hospital. we do not know her condition. we know all three victims are related. some devastating news tonight for a san francisco family and everyone who spent the past several days searching for a missing little girl in lake county. 9-year-old mccalla lynch wandered away from the family vacation home. she had a severe form of autism. her body was found in the cash creek area not far from the house. >> reporter: outside the rescue command post the faces and body language expressed disappointment more poignantly than any words. the announcement came just past noon from the police chief craig claussen. >> we have conclusion to the
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search. miss mckay la has been founded daisessed in the water not far from the residence. >> reporter: mickala bolted from the parents yard and ran up the street. rany has an 8-year-old. >> what makes the loss of an autistic child more tragic? >> they just don't understand what is going on. you know, i don't think they know he that they are lost. because they don't -- they don't understand the emotion. >> and yet mikayla had become the focal to point for some of it. >> we all seem to come together and we comeether
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>> it is heartfelt and difficult for me to stand here and even speak. >> divers found her body in cash creek. there is no evidence of foul play he and gave no additional details. did he relay a -- he did relay a request from the family for privacy. >> i don't know her family or her. it doesn't matter. she was a little child that we were concerned about. >> a little girl they drive tonight. the posters that remain reflect not hope any more but pain. >> keep your child close to you at all times. and i'm so sorry for her loss and i'm so sorry for -- to the whole family that love her. >> reporter: even though the family lives mostly in san francisco and vacations in clear lake it is clear that the people in the community have taken them to heart. from clear lake, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. wind gusts are stoking a fire in the central valley.
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the pictures from a short time ago. the fire consuming the forest in kuran county. it has spread into los angeles county as well. the wildfire is burning in frazier park near interstate the 5. the freeway at this moment anyway remains open. deadly storms tonight in texas where authorities are reporting multiple fatality after at least two tornadoes touched down southwest of dallas. the pictures from the dallas area downtown you can see the skyline. lightning strike after lightning strike lighting up the skies. severe storms across texas and oklahoma tonight. be again, multiple fatalities southwest of dallas after at least two tornadoes touched down. well, a new problem tonight for california state parks. you may recall the sandal last year where officials hit a surplus for years as the department moved to close 70
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parks. a company hired to solicit donations didn't spend the money as intended. >> reporter: $918,000 donated to help pay for state parks allegedly diverted by a private company to pay its bills. >> that is something that is absolutely unacceptable. we must get to the bottom of it and address it as quickly and as feasibly as possible. >> reporter: the misspent money was donated by a company known worldwide. >> for the thirsty and those who hang out in packs. >>oca-cola agreed to donate $2.6 million to operate california state parks money it would donate over time. that was arranged by a company called good solutions. a pasadena firm. they are facing criticism. the letter sent tuesday night said good solutions diverted almost a million dollars of coke's money to pay its own he creditors. the state parks director writes
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in his letter the fund raising company's actions were "egregious." they used coca-cola's donation money to pay its own debts. lawmakers at the capitol found out about it hours a gao. >> how could this happen especially after we started asking questions about the off books record keeping? what is it that we continue to find pieces and why aren't we being told and why aren't people following the rules? out of washington, the head of the irs is out in the wake of the scandal at the irs. president obama announced that acting irs commissioner steven miller was asked to resign and he did so. irs agents improperly screened kirt groups' plying for tax exempt status and the president calls this inexcusable. >> i will do everything in my
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power to make sure nothing like that happens again by holding the responsible parties accountable and putting in place new checks and new safeguards and going forward by making sure that the law is applied as it should be in a fair and impartial way. >> the president's comments came after attorney general eric holder testified today. he told lawmakers that his department will look into poe he tension civil rights violations, false statements and potential violations of the hatch act which prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities. the norcal tea party is one of those targeted by the irs apparently. the irs held up the application for tax exempt status for three years. mark matthews met with her are this afternoon and has the story. >> ginny rafini says she just found out about the the accusations. >> i got a phone call from a reporter are saying can i
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interview you because i heard you were one of the ones targeted. >> reporter: she has known for years that her request for tax exempt status was getting the run around. she first applied in 2009. >> after numerous phone calls my accountant trying to get ahold of them to find out why the delay. >> reporter: it wasn't until january of this year that she got a letter like this one from the irs requesting additional information. >> they wanted to know the names addresses and telephone numbers of anybody who donated to us even though i was applying for a 501-c (4) which doesn't require that i give that information. they wanted every e-mail i had ever sent ought and the transcripts from ever are speech frommy speaker at any event. >> reporter: she called her congressman to complain. >> they were making demands including their agendas for the last two years, everyone whoth.
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>> reporter: today, congressman mcclintock called for a clean sweep of any one involve. >> and assureing that they are exposed, disgraced, dismitted and ultimately debarred from any position of trust in the united states government. >> reporter: this afternoon the president said those responsible will be held accountable starting with the acting commissioner of the ir. >> today, secretary lu requested and accepted the resinnation of the acting commissionier of the ers. >> i think he has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar so he will say shame on them and it will be somebody else's fault but you nothing is going to be done by him. >> reporter: the irs did not return our calls requesting comment but in a general statement this morning the irs said it is required by law to determine if tax exempt organizations are engaging in really per missable levels of political activity. they said the flagging of
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organization os that have tea party in the name was an inappropriate shortcut. mark matthews, abc 7 news. the gap comp pressure to sign a landmark plan improving safety in phak it and most other american retailers did not sign the agreement. the deadline was today. online petitions collected more than a million signatures calling on them to sign the accord. critics say reseventhance from gap did likely deter other retailers from getting onboard. a a shoe factory has collapsed in cambodia. emergency crews are searching for more people who might be trapped under the debris. >> the morning commute could mean you need your wipers on. spencer christian with the weather. a few showers headed our
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are weigh but the operative word here is few. i will show you when and where the wet weather will arrive in the accuweather forecast coming up. still ahead, the big google conference underwear. new maps and the that dk to unprecedented heights. big rig. big risks. the demonstration at 55 miles an hour. local do it your youselfers who are trying to get more girls involved. a great effort and great
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just in to the newroom, police in new orleans have arrested the man suspected of shooting 19 people in that mother's day parade. he is 19 years old. police say he has previous arrests on firearms and drug charges and is no strange to the criminal justice system. so he has quite the record. well, a big problem for nasa. the agency's planet hunting telescope is broken. nasa engineers are struggling to regain control the kepler
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space telescope. right now it cannot i'm accurately. one of the three reaction wheels to orient the spacecraft has jammed. if engineers can't fix it, kepler won't be able to look for planets outside our solar system any more and it has been prolific and productive since 2009 and found more than 2500 possible plan nets including 280 the same size as earth. they are working now to try to fix the kepler telescope. mountain view based google is on a money making roll. stock topped $900 a share to close the day at nearly $916 a share. that is up three and a quarter percent in one day. and there is a good reason for are it. google kicked off the developers conference in san francisco with all sorts of news. jonathan blume explains what everyone is so excited about. >> reporter: the countdown to the start of google io was
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measured in ses opening keynote measured in hours. >> it was long. very long. i'm still recovering from sitting through the three and a half hour keynote. google gee been a with the numbers. applandroid is dominating the mobile phone website. stock hit a reco high on the new yous. is on to the new stuff. a service for are head-to-head gaming. they never got it to work and the teleprompter was on the fritz but then google announced a new $10 a month music teaming service called all access. >> anything that i'm listening to i can instantly turn into a radio glace it is smart and knows what you look and so does the new version of google maps. >> when you are locked in you get your maps and highlight everything that is important to you. >> it fills the browser window. >> google. how far is it from here?
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>> the drive from your location is santa cruz beach boardwalk is 75.3 miles. >> a lot of people talking about the privacy concerns and the ops and what is going come from this. i think they he wanted to back away from that. >> the message wasu life toget. u gmale but it is talking to search and search is talking to google glass all connected. >> and a tying the keynote together, ceo larry beil arery page. larry page. >> we should be building great things that don't exist. >> in san francisco, jonathan blume, abc 7 news. >> technology is hard to keep up with. >> sure early i is. >> amazing time to be around. >> spencer christian here with the weather forecast. >> evening up with the weather. >> with all the technology you can bring to bear. >> and the break through technology which is live doppler 7hd. clouds thickening as i struggle to hold on to my
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clouds thickening over night as a cold front is approaching us and bringing us cloudier weather but we also have gusty winds right now. 1 miles per hour at sfo. 21-mile per hour at navado. getting cloudier as well. a live view from the high definition roof top camera. 54 degrees in san francisco. oakland 58. 59 san jose. 60 santa cruz. on we go to another live view from the east bay camera in emery val towards san francisco. 59 santa rosa. 61 fair field. 57 livermore. now, you you as we look from the sutro camera over san francisco on the partly cloudy night. a look at the forecast features. mostly cloudy overnight. cooler tomorrow with spot. >> showers. >> , we expect them to be quite light and a milder dryer
9:20 pm
pattern begins on saturday. before we get to that we have this. satellite and radar composite shows an approaching cold front bringing the clouds into the bay area and it will bring a cooler pattern the next couple of days and late season showers. although they will be quite light. south tropical storm the first tropical storm of the pacific hurricane season which by the way officially began today. tropical storm alvin. not a threatening sounding name. winds sustained winds 45 miles per hour. moving towards the west northwest away from populated areas. should be a harmless storm. back to the bay area. starting the forecast animation at 11:00 tonight. during the overnight hours clouds thickening and sweeping southward and eastward. as we ten into the mid morning hours a little bit of shower activity beginning to push on to the coastline tomorrow 9:00 or so. latinoelater in the day pocketf light showers through the bay
9:21 pm
area. dissipate quickly and by tomorrow night into friday morning the showers should be out of here and we will start to dry out again. 11:00 friday morning rainfall totals no greater than a tenth inch. the showers widely scattered a and quite light. overnight under cloudy conditions. low temperatures mainly in the mid 50s. relatively mild overnight. tomorrow a cooler than average day for this time of year. mainly cloudy skies with a few breaks of sun and again perhaps spot. >> showers. breezy at the coast. high temperatures from 50s even the coast to 60s around the bay to low 70s in the inland locations. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. two much cooler than normal tays coming up. warming on saturday. further warming sunday and monday with high temperatures inland around -9d 0 degrees. pleasant weather ahead. just a little brisk the next couple of days.
9:22 pm
>> today was brisk. >> indeed. thank you. just ahead, naming rights. the san francisco zoo tiger cub has is a proper name. what it is and how it was
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if you have cut in front of a big rig you may want to look at this. >> you are braking in two, one. this is a demonstration on stopping distance set up by the california highway pa troll. the demonstration compared how long it takes a motorcycle a car and 18 wheeler to stop if they are all traveling at 55 miles an hour. took the big rig an extra 300 feet to stop more than a
9:26 pm
car. the message from the chp, don't stay in the blind spot and for heaven sakes don't cut one off. >> you have to be able to see each other for him to see he your car. also know that don't cut that truck off. he can't stop. >> two years ago, 3400 people died nationwide in accidents between cars and big rigs. mass is generally wins in an accident so we must be careful. the san francisco zoo newest tiger cub finally has a name. the three month old is now called jillian. the sumatran was named for the highest bidder last week. the winner was palo alto based literary agent. done bryant runs the bryan family vineyard.
9:27 pm
sewell phone for his art collection and made a huge acquisition. he bought this oil pointing by german artist richter. he paid $37 million. the painting sold last 15 years ago for only $3.5 million to hyatt hotels. now, you $37 million. moving on, a bay area congress woman is frustrated tonight. these individuals are the tip of the spear as they say. >> new details emerge about the latest sexual assault scandal health the military. the sense trivettity training that you have to see to believe. a city that is about to require dogs to have $1 million insurance policies. oprah gave more than a million dollars to one local woman. calls her her favorite guest
9:28 pm
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. good evening. we will start the half hour in washington where there is new information coming out about the latest scandal on the sexual assault scandal in the military and the new investigation underway into it. martha raddatz has the story. >> reporter: first it was the officer running the sexual assault prevention offense for the air force charged with sexual assault. now, an army sergeant at fort hood possibly facilitation prosty tuesday. h his job, to coordinate a
9:32 pm
sexual assault prevention program. upon hearing the news, defense secretary chuck hagel ordered all is services back to the drawing board to retrain and rethousands of sexual assault and prevention personnel in what is a staggering problem for the military. >> he broke in through my bathroom and raped me. >> there have been decades of promises. >> we have zero he tolerance. >> we will not put up with such harassment. >> i have zero tolerance. >> we have no tolerance for any form of sexual assault. >> reporter: and countless hours of military training and messaging already some serious. >> sexual assault is a crime. >> some seemingly absurd. >> for example, the air force is handing out this hand shaped hand sanitizer that says keep your hands to yourself or the little foot ball that says don't fumble, get consent. >> in the end, the training is not going to do the trick.
9:33 pm
we aren't convicting. we aren't prosecuting. and we aren't kicking people out. >> reporter: indeed the number of cases of unwanted sexual contact in the mill tare record-setting has soared 35% in just the past two years making this a problem say critics which needs an entirely new approach. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. a detroit suburb is about to unleash new regulations and dog owners. starting tomorrow in the community of royal oak owners of dangerous dogs have to cover $1 million of liability insurance and keep the dog in a locked fenced in area and post signs. steve johnson leaders cree -- city leaders created the ordinance after the dozens of dog attacks last year. the woman oprah calls her all-time favorite guest is about to become a uc berkeley graduate. who is she? here is caroline tyler.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: of the thousands of students graduating from cal no one has a story like hers. she was forced to marry when she was just 11 years old in zimbabwe. >> by 18 i had three children without a ged but i wanted an education more than anything. >> reporter: she is now a 52-year-old mother of six and against all odds including commuting three days a week from salinas, she has more than achieved her goal. she already has two bachelors degrees, a phd and a masters from other schools. this masters in epidemiology at uc berkeley is is the culmination of a dream. >> i knew if i get this education i will be able to give back to my own community. >> reporter: she already started on that path when she came to oprah's attention two years ago. talk show host gave her more than a million dollars to build schools in
9:35 pm
>> and to see going to school. i mean something that you wanted to do as a girl. >> something that i wanted. >> reporter: her children's father died of aids. now, with the new epidemiology degree she will make aids education a priority in a country devastated by the disease he. >> she wants to make the world a better place. my jewish religion it is called hearing the universe. >> in zimbabwe they haded another expression. >> my mother said if you dare your dreams they will always call you back. >> she heads back to zimbabwe just days after walking across the stage. congratulations. what a remarkable woman and story. the pioneering study about the spread of malaria. scientists in the netherlands figured out mosquitoes infected with the disease are
9:36 pm
thirstier for human blood than unaffected insects. why do women typically live longer than? men? researchers in japan say that men's immune systems weaken more quickly than women leaving we men more susceptible to disease. it could be due to the fact that estrogen levels give women a boost and protect immune systems. british researchers say watching our waistlines is the key to extending our lives. it comes down to the ratio of the waist to the height and keeping it to less than half your height. for a 6-foot man a waistline smaller than 36 inches. a 54 woman should have a waist size no larger than 32 inches. they live 17 years longer on average.
9:37 pm
researchers say the ratio is better than your bmi. that, of course, is the calculation of a person's wait divided by the square of their height. interesting. well, just ahead here tonight. we going to take a lock at do it yourselfmaker movement and why they are actively trying to get more girls involved. the secret is out.
9:38 pm
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this weekend is the popularmaker fair in sa san ma. how educators areto gets inter.
9:41 pm
>> there is a climbing wall inside this garage. computer engineers laura and matt built it and use to computer to control led lights that plot out which path to follow. >> something that came down to lack of space. >> they are part of themaker movement. a growing fascination with building things yourself. they will show off their climbing ball wall at the annualmaker fair in san mateo. this is a video of last year's gathering which attracted 100,000 people. that the year's fair lara will stand out for more than just her creaming wall. >> i wish there were more female engineers. >> it is one example of the gender divide in engineering. the society of women engineers says fewer than 18 we are of graduating engineers are women and fewer end up working in the field, just 13%. the createor of themaker fair wants to change the statistic. >> my goal is that people cross over and true new things.
9:42 pm
>> , we want to make everything kind of accessible so that you are not seaing this is -- these are things that women do and these are things that men do. >> skwrao: want to get away from that and say this is something i like to do so why not. >> getting girls interested in science, technology the engineering and math while in middle school is key. >> at the school for girls in palo alto, these 6th graders are building boxes and learning to use power tools. >> it is is about getting into things spacially and getting them to solve problems. >> angie chow heads up the lab. >> a lot of intry cat problems you have to side. where should the hinge go. which side should it fit in. how do all of the pieces fit together and the proper more
9:43 pm
practice we give them the more advantage these girls will get. if they behe gin to think of themselves as capable especially in an environment that has been traditionally male dominated they just feel more sure of themselves and more flexible thinkers across the board. >> for these girls it is about thinking outside the box. >> very cool to have a hands on project like this where you are treeing to build something with your hands. >> i think that it is showing that we have the came abilities that men do and we have opportunities to learn. >> that is amazing what they are doing. themaker fair is this weekend. for a link go to and click the see it on tv tab for
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let's talk about the golden years. is more and more people are retiring out of the country. we talked with a few living in ecuador. >> reporter: it is more than 2 thousand miles away from the u.s. some 4,000 americans living here. >> lake tahoe. >> north carolina. >> connecticut. >> retirees from all over the country. it is like we never left. >> ned and cynthia moved here from las vegas three years guy. >> we had the choices of accepting a lou icy retirement or think of something else and you are sitting in something else. >> this was our something else. and we couldn't be happier. >> reporter: they left behind kids and grand kids in the
9:48 pm
states but t every day via skype. the money they saved means they can go visit more often. the monthly budget was $8,000 in las vegas now slashed to 1800. jan and paul cottage found their paradise here a year ago. she took some convincing at first. >> when said what do you think about ecuador i just burst tears. >> it has exceeded their wildest dreams. their property taxes in houston were are $10,000 a year. here it is just 72. another major draw, high quality and affordable healthcare. jan's health insurance dropped from $640 a month to just $100 per month. >> and now you really love it. >> we really do. >> yeah. >> ecuadorians call retirement the third and best chapter of
9:49 pm
their lives. update the forecast one last time. spencer christian is here. >> one last time for tonight. >> not forever. i didn't see a memo! >> clouds thickening in the bay area. looks rather clear on this view from the high definition camera over san francisco tonight. statewide tomorrow clouds increasing moving down from the north to the south. although the extreme southern part of the state will be mainly sunny. in the bay area clouds thicken overnight and we will have spot. >> showers during the early morning and afternoon hours but they should dry out quickly. cooler than average. 50s at the coast to low is 70s in the inland locations. the accuweather seven-day forecast. , this and friday cooler than average. we will start warming up over the weekend and by sunday, mob inland highs back up near
9:50 pm
90 degrees which is about a little warm but nice. >> not brutal. >> at not all. this is great. military officials in britain have put out the word that they want to find two men carrying unexploded bombs around. a woman photographed them carrying the bombs on their shoulders. they washed up on a beach near an army firing range. it is believed they grabbed them to sell for scrap. the military says the bombs need to be safely destroyed. the woman who took the picture said the men are idiots and they will really feel like idiots when they blow up. >> that is not -- of all of the things you can do in one day you think they would recognize this could be dangerous. >> idiots. >> yes. >> speaking of which, not the giants, but i mean they got blasted north of the border, you kids should count yourselves lucky.
9:51 pm
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a huge shop
9:54 pm
lifting ring busted in a story you will see only on abc 7 news. what the thieves were planning to do with all this stuff. and what is hidden in your food could make your sick. michael finney found labels that do not tell the whole story. those stories and more on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. a tough day for the a's again. >> i have highlights that will make you sick if you are a giants or a's fan. the a's hit a rough stretch. can't find victories. dropped 7 games behind the first place rangers. at the coliseum, get your spf 50 right here. in the third, plunked two men with two outs and loaded the bases and lance brookman brief in a pair. are chavez in relief. to ex-finnity and beyond.
9:55 pm
two on for brandon moss. a little extension by cruz. texas takes two out of three in oakland. the rangers 26-14 in first place. a's two games under 500. giants and blue jays scary for are a moment for buster posey in the first. fastball off the shoaled fresh ramon ortiz. a little higher and would have got him right in the head. lucky there. ryan vogelsong the victim of an error prone defense. they catch this 99% of the time. allows two runs to score opening the flood gates to a five-run first for toronto. the carnage continues in the second. allowed 8 runs and three earned. bogey might getarred from the rotation. struggled lately. the warriors look exhausted. gassed in the game five loss to the spurs last neat.
9:56 pm
only 24 hours to get reenerugossed to save the season. curry admitted he plays terribly. he and clay thompson 6 of 22 o scoring a total of 13 points. now, you down three games to two, coach marc jackson took a pace from the denney green handbook describing the warrior's team character. >> the bears are who we thought they were. >> they are exactly who i thought they were. tough knit. battle tested. tied together. group. that has no quit in them. and they will only reenforce the feelings tomorrow night. game five. memphis up three games to one. tayshaun prince turning back the clock with authority. he is is like 40 years old or
9:57 pm
50. mike conor are catches the thunder d napping. not over yet. reggie jackson a pullup three. a pair of missed free throws. durant for the tie and what one of the best scorers in the game rips an open jumper. okc out. memphis moving on and take the series four games to one. eastern conference semis. look at norris cole get up to throw down. dwyane wade injuries and all. a little nate robinson keeping chicago in the game and in the series really. he had 21 points. but too much dwyane wade even on a bad knee. finishes off right there as 94-91 the final. the heat win the series four games to one. looks like the kings will be staying. the nba board of governors eject the proposed sale and move of the team to seattle.
9:58 pm
the next step is for those guys to convince the maloof brothers to sell is to the group assembled by the sacramento mayor to keep the kings in sacramento. >> you don't want to do anything that is disparaging to seattle and if their offer got accept ised god bless seattle. we were fighting to keep what was is hours. the maloof family was intricate in getting to where we are today. >> 83.6 miles today. santa clarita to santa barbara. i was right behind them. the raiders december in need offers. signed josh cribs today. spent his entire 8 year nfl keyy the browns. returned 8 kickoffs for a touchdown. extremely fast. cribs can up at wide
9:59 pm
receiver. best known for his return came game. when healthy josh cribs can change games. mclain is retiring at age 23. signed in the off season with the ravens but you plagued bay series of arrests back be home in alabama. a guarantee of $23 million with the raiders so if he kept all that money he can afford to retire at 23. sharks left winger torrez in new york with the team gm. they will teeth meet to talk about the hit on sol. could receive a suspension. we will fend out tomorrow whether he will be able to go in the western conference semi against l.a. >> liking the cape by the way. >> liking the cape by the way. nights not so
10:00 pm
dee: you-- we keep putting more on,

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